Antelope Island on Great Salt Lake. Credit: Crystal Ross

  Salt Lake

The lake is vital to the environment, ecology and economy, not just in Utah but also the western U.S.

Protecting and Preserving Great Salt Lake

Linking people to the lake

This website centralizes the organizations, tools and work that contribute to the lake’s management. We are working together to preserve and protect this critical resource.

Great Salt Lake is the largest saline lake in the Western Hemisphere and the eighth largest in the world – boasting a rich web of relationships between people, land, water, food and survival. The lake contributes $1.9 billion to Utah’s economy (adjusted for inflation), provides over 7,700 jobs, supports the highest concentration of Utah’s valuable wetlands, and provides a stopover for millions of birds to rest and refuel during migration each year. Lake effect snow also contributes 5-10% to Utah’s snowpack.

Drought, climate change and continued demand are threatening the lake

A drying Great Salt Lake has local and regional consequences and could result in increased dust, poor air quality, reduced snow, reduced lake access, habitat loss and negative economic consequences to the state. By protecting the lake, we help our economy, environment, wildlife and future.


USGS Hydromapper

The U.S. Geological Survey monitors lake levels, salinity and groundwater data. Check out their interactive site for real-time data and information related to the lake and watershed.


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