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The lake’s elevation has been trending downward since it peaked in 1986, setting new records for low levels in 2021 and 2022. Although the snowpack in 2023 has been incredible, low water levels create complex issues that will take time to solve and require the cooperation and coordination of many entities. Utah remains committed to ongoing strategies that will benefit the lake by reducing salinity, stabilizing elevation and improving the ecosystem.

No one person can save the lake. But there are many small things each of us can do to help. These actions include conserving water, contacting legislators, volunteering to protect land and wildlife, and supporting organizations and events that show the lake’s value and contribute to its welfare. More resources are coming soon, so check back often.

Great Salt Lake Shoreline historical fluctuation

Make a Difference

Apply for a Great Salt Lake license plate

Get the Plate

The Great Salt Lake is thirsty for attention! Proclaim your support for its preservation by getting the license plate. The contributions will be used to benefit and conserve the Great Salt Lake watershed and ecosystem.  

Contact your legislators

Contact Legislators

Support bills that will help protect the Great Salt Lake! As a concerned citizen, you can make a big difference by helping legislators understand why the lake is important to you. Write letters, send emails and make phone calls: ensure your voice is heard.

Volunteer at state parks

Volunteer at Parks

Individuals, couples, families with children of all ages, service groups and clubs are needed for fun, worthwhile projects at both Antelope Island State Park and Great Salt Lake State Park.

Volunteer with Great Salt Lake Audubon

Volunteer for Wildlife

From leading educational fieldtrips to manning the reception table at wildlife events, the Great Salt Lake Audubon has volunteer opportunities that let you play a critical role in enhancing habitat for wild birds, animals and plants.

Adopt-a-Park program


Help preserve and maintain state parks on the Great Salt Lake by adopting one (or a portion of one)! By signing up for the Adopt-A-Park program, you’ll play a large role in helping keep the parks clean for all to enjoy. 

Wetland cleanup

Clean Up Wetlands

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources’ Dedicated Hunter Program occasionally allows volunteers to help with projects that improve Great Salt Lake wetland habitat for wildlife.

Conserve water


Your conservation efforts impact the local environment, so they impact the lake too. Here you’ll find water-saving actions, tips and rebates that help stretch the water supply.


Explore Great Salt Lake


The Great Salt Lake is perhaps the best known geologic feature in the area and has interesting features, plays an important role in the ecosystem and provides abundant recreational opportunities.

Learn about Great Salt Lake


Boost your well-being and your knowledge while also giving back to the lake. Visit the parks, preserves and museums run by organizations working hard to protect the lake’s future for both its people and wildlife.


Great Salt Lake Bird Festival

Bird Festival

The Great Salt Lake Bird Festival provides birdwatchers with exceptional birding opportunities, field trips across diverse habitats, workshops and more.

Audubon Events

Audubon Events

The Great Salt Lake Audubon hosts bird counts, birding field trips and other educational events throughout the year.

Friends of Great Salt Lake Events


FRIENDS of Great Salt lake hosts and participates in events such as the annual Spider Festival, Great Salt Lake cleanup, Alfred Lambourne Arts Program and more.